The French National Maritime Academy (ENSM) educates merchant navy officers and maritime engineers. It operates under the supervision of the Secretariat of State for the Sea and Biodiversity, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

ENSM was established on October 1, 2010, pursuant to decree 2010-1129 of September 28, 2010, as amended by decree 2019-200 of March 15, 2019.

Every five years, ENSM signs a performance and objectives contract (COP) with its supervisory authority.

  • François Lambert as the Director-General of ENSM.
  • Nathalie Tancret as the Director of Studies.
  • Pierre-Yves Le Corre as the Director-General of Services.

The steering committee

The board of directors is chaired by Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan and sets the general policy directions of the School.

The ENSM board of directors is composed of 28 members, including 5 members representing the State, 15 external personalities, 6 qualified individuals (at least one from higher education), 8 members representing employers from the maritime economy sector, 1 member designated by alumni associations, and 8 elected members representing the staff and students. Of these, 4 represent the teaching or r

The leadership collective

The Expanded Management Collective meets monthly to discuss current affairs of the school and to monitor the implementation of actions across all school sites. It consists of about twenty members and is chaired by François Lambert, Director-General of the French National Maritime Academy.

The Restricted Management Collective meets weekly with the same objective of discussing current affairs and monitoring the implementation of actions across all school sites. It consists of 8 members and is chaired by François Lambert, Director-General of the French National Maritime Academy.

Social dialogue bodies

Administrative Social Committee (CSA)

The CSA is governed by decree n° 2020-1427 relating to administrative social committees in state administrations and public establishments.

Its operation is provided for by the internal regulations specific to it and is chaired by the Director-General of ENSM.

Specialized Training of the Social Administrative Committee (FS-CSA)

Created by the same decree as the CSA, the specialized training is chaired by the Director-General of ENSM.

This training meets at least three times a year or whenever circumstances require it. The composition of the FS-CSA is organized by Article 24 of decree n° 2020-1427.

A summary of opinions is distributed to all staff and then posted on the school’s intranet. Only staff representatives and administrative agents participating in the committee receive the minutes.


Joint Consultative Committee (CCP)

The Joint Consultative Committee is tasked with examining issues concerning the contractual status of agents at the ENSM (see Annex 2, Decision n°117 of March 25, 2013).

The CCP is mandatorily consulted on:

  • Individual decisions related to dismissals at the end of a trial period;
  • Disciplinary sanctions other than warnings and reprimands;
  • Any individual question related to the professional situation of contractual agents.

It meets at least once a year.

Educational Chain

The Directorate of Studies at the ENSM is led by Nathalie Tancret and her deputy Oliver Lemattre. They are supported by 5 department heads and 230 instructors.

Teaching departments by program and department heads:

  • Engineer cycle L: Florence Blot
  • Navigating engineer cycle M: François Grinnaert
  • Maritime engineering: Awa Sam
  • Monovalent machine: Pierre Gicquel
  • Monovalent deck: Thomas Roy

Teaching Staff

ENSM relies on a teaching body of about 230 professors and external contributors spread across the sites of Le Havre, Saint MaloNantes et Marseille.

The courses taught at ENSM are divided into six teaching units:

  • SNA: Nautical Sciences
  • CES: Construction, operation, safety
  • SHS: Human and social sciences
  • MEC: Naval mechanics
  • EEA: Electronics, electrotechnics, automation
  • FON: Fundamentals

Other Pedagogical Resources

The Directorate of Studies at ENSM also relies on a dedicated support team for pedagogy:

  • Thomas Fossier, responsible for pedagogical equipment
  • Didier Delean, responsible for the study information system
  • Frédéric Dupont, pedagogical engineer

Research commission

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