ENSM - Simulator of navigation wind energy

The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) trains officers of the Merchant marines, which delivers an Engineering degree with seagoing certificates after five and a half years of study, and also prepares students for careers in the para-maritime sector.

ENSM - Student on pratical machine ENSM - Student on the bridge

Students learn in initial training, professional training or as part of in-house training, the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to carry out the job of an officer and maintaining those acquired skills.

They study for one or several years the Merchant marine post graduate diplomas that are offered, from Watchkeeping Officer to Captain and Chief Engineer.

A successfully passed diploma, completed by on-board training as a Cadet, allows them to acquire the corresponding certificates.

ENSM - Student on pratical class

This international certificate gives the prerogative to carry out management and command of ships and navigation worldwide.

The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) is established in Le Havre, NantesMarseille and Saint Malo, where the the sea rescue training center (CESAME) is located.

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