ENSM Le Havre Campus

ENSM Le Havre Campus

Guillaume de Beauregard is the director of the ENSM Le Havre campus, located at 10 Quai Frissard. Sophie Nevoux is the deputy site director in charge of training.

The site is part of a new urban dynamic on the Citadel Peninsula, which brings together higher education institutions in the agglomeration.

A positive energy building :

  • Southeast/Northwest orientation: Promotes natural lighting.
  • Street-Staircase: Acts as a natural ventilation system.
  • Solar panels: Adorn the rooftop terrace and provide energy.
  • Seawater heat pump system: Fully covers heating needs with renewable energy.
  • Perforated mesh exterior: Retains winter solar gains, ensures summer hygrothermal comfort, and provides optimal natural lighting throughout the year.

A sustainable development building

  • Environmental innovation: Lowest possible environmental footprint, reduced energy consumption, energy autonomy, optimized use of local water resources, and optimized electricity distribution between supply and demand.
  • Performance from design: Compact building with minimal heat loss surfaces, thermal bridge tracking, natural lighting, etc.

The Ship-In-School Concept

  • The school’s uniqueness lies in its educational project called “Ship-in-School,” which influences the design of the premises.
  • The essence of this project is to make the building itself a teaching tool by giving it an internal organization comparable to that of a ship, replicating key characteristics in terms of dimensions, volumes, and materials.
  • The interior spaces are also designed in the spirit of a ship, where technology is omnipresent: heating, ventilation, water networks, and electrical distributions similar to those found on ships.

Building Statistics

  • Nearly 10,000 m² built
  • Over 6,600 m² of teaching, living, and management spaces, including:
    • 4 lecture halls (1 with 192 seats and 3 with 96 seats)
    • 16 lecture rooms
    • Specific rooms dedicated to: Electricity, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automation
    • Association rooms and a 150 m² “student projects” space
    • 7 simulators (ECDIS, GMDSS, loading, engine, navigation, etc.)
    • 4 multimedia rooms
    • Autonomous work rooms



The SSM holds regular office hours on the sites.

Dates are available from the Studies and Training Office (BEF).
Contact: Social Worker – Le Havre
4, rue du Colonel Fabien – T. +33(0)2 35 42 46 03




Students can have full meals at the site’s cafeteria. In 2024, the site will have a university restaurant near the School.

AHLOET (Association Havraise pour le LOgement ETudiant)
Since 2010, the AHLOET association was created by the City of Le Havre, the University, EMNormandie, ENSM, Sciences Po, INSA, and IFEN to address the difficulties faced by the student population in finding housing. The main objective is to facilitate the integration of students into the City by allowing them easy access to quality housing.

Visale Scheme (formerly Clé – Caution Locative Etudiante du Crous)

This scheme allows tenants to benefit from a traditional guarantee for housing for those who do not have someone in their entourage to take on this role. Visale then acts as a “guarantor” for the future tenant.

Colibree scheme
Colibree is an intergenerational cohabitation platform for students looking for a room to rent.

The keys were handed over on May 11, 2015, in the presence of the building’s financiers: the State, the Normandy Region, Mr. Mayer Rossignol, the Codah, Edouard Philippe, the Le Havre Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vianney de Chalus, and the Grand Port Maritime du Havre.

The total budget for the site is €27.8M. The State contributed €10M, the Haute Normandie Region €7.8M, and the Le Havre Agglomeration Community €10M. The Le Havre Chamber of Commerce and Industry granted a subsidy of €0.5M. The Grand Port Maritime du Havre provided the 15,000 m² plot (management transfer).


10, Quai Frissard – 76600 Le Havre
Le Havre site number : +33(0)9 70 00 03 80
Social worker Le Havre : +33(0)2 35 42 46 03

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