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The ENSM engineering curriculum is a scientific and technical training consisting of theoretical courses, professional simulations on simulators, and embarked internships. It trains versatile officers (deck and engine) of the merchant navy over five years after high school, awarding them the Higher Studies Diploma in Merchant Marine (DESMM) and the ENSM Engineering Diploma recognized by the CTI.


The first six semesters take place at the Marseille site.

The following four semesters leading to the DESMM and the title of navigating engineer are conducted in Le Havre.

Seafarers must meet international physical fitness requirements.
Consult the decree on physical fitness requirements for the seafaring profession, aboard commercial, fishing, and pleasure vessels.

A medical visit with a maritime doctor is only required for winners.


Registrations on starting January 17, 2024, for high school students and graduates without another diploma.
Registration on starting January 17, 2024, for candidates with qualifications higher than two years post-high school or in professional retraining, and for foreign candidates. For more information on registration procedures outside of Parcoursup, download the “First Class Officer / Engineer Registration Procedures outside Parcoursup” file below.




The teachings consist of theoretical courses, professional situations on real and simulated installations in the scientific and technical fields related to nautical and commercial management, and propulsion and energy production of a commercial ship. The training is versatile, covering both deck and engine.

After obtaining essential certifications (including firefighting, medical training, and survival…), students embark annually as trainees on ships at sea. This allows them to apply their knowledge and discover the maritime world. Days of meeting with shipowners are organized to help each student find their embarkations. ENSM provides full support for this search by making a directory of companies available.

Navigating Engineer: Study Scheme

The “Navigating” specialty prepares for obtaining the DESMM and performing the highest functions on board commercial ships:

  • Captain: Head of the maritime expedition and representative of the shipowner
  • Chief Engineer: Responsible for the ship’s technical services

The first-class merchant marine officer diploma (DEO1MM) is awarded to the student who has validated the six semesters of the first cycle and has additionally obtained a B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The Higher Studies Diploma in Merchant Marine (DESMM) is awarded to the student who has validated the four semesters of the second cycle and has additionally obtained a B2 level of the CEFR.

After the S6 semester, students can specialize in Genie Maritime.

Medical Fitness

ENSM students must be fit to practice the seafaring profession. A medical fitness certificate for navigation, issued by a maritime doctor, is required to enroll in the training in September.


To find out if you meet the admission criteria for navigation, consult your primary care physician now for an initial medical opinion.

Only the opinion of the maritime health service can issue the medical fitness certificate required to start these training programs.

Be aware of appointment scheduling times; do not hesitate to approach certified centers located along the entire coastline (mainland and overseas territories).


If you have a disability, the School is available to answer your questions:


Admission :
Inscription :
on Parcoursup
Duration :
5 years
Sites :
Marseille (I1, I2 and I3)
Le Havre (I4 nav and I5 nav)
Scholarship rights :
1570€ (2023-2024)

181 places in 2024

Rapport public pour le recrutement ingénieur naviguant Parcoursup 2022