Throughout their schooling, ENSM students and trainees are in contact with the Studies and Training Office (Bureau Études et Formation – BEF), and the documentation center of their site (see the Documentation Portal for more information on each documentation center).

Under the authority of the site director and the deputy director in charge of training, the BEF is the primary contact for students. It serves as the interface at the administrative, pedagogical, and disciplinary levels.

BEF contact


The CVEC, Student and Campus Life Contribution, is provided for by Article L.841-5 of the Education Code, to promote the welcome and support of students in social, health, cultural, and sports aspects and to strengthen prevention and health education actions intended for them.

For more information:

All students enrolled in initial training are required to pay the CVEC, unless they can provide proof of exemption*.
This contribution must always be paid before enrolment.
Students can download the certificate of payment once they have paid the contribution, or once they have provided proof of exemption.

All students enrolled in initial training are contributors to the CVEC, unless they can justify an exemption*

The payment of this contribution must always be made before registration. Students can download the payment certificate after paying the contribution, or after justifying their exemption.

It is essential that students admitted to initial training at ENSM present, at the latest at the time of their registration, the payment or exemption certificate. Without this document, they could not be registered.

A large number of scholarships qualify for an exemption. Discover the details here, but even if exempted, you must obtain and then present your payment certificate.

*Exemptions apply to:

  • Scholarship holders or beneficiaries of an annual allowance granted as part of the specific annual aids.
  • Refugee students.
  • Students benefiting from subsidiary protection.
  • Students registered as asylum seekers and having the right to remain in the territory.