The Apprenticeship Tax

The Apprenticeship Tax

The collection campaign for the balance of the 2024 apprenticeship tax is not open to date. 

The President's Message

“Dear partners,

By paying your 2023 apprenticeship tax to ENSM, you directly contribute to the excellence of maritime training, through the deployment of innovative educational equipment at the Le Havre, Saint-Malo, Nantes, and Marseille sites. Dedicated to versatile merchant navy officers, navigating engineers, deck and engine officers, and maritime engineering engineers.
By choosing to allocate this contribution to the School, you support its investments to improve its performance and the quality of officer training, and thus, the success of your future employees.
You are making a lasting investment in promising youth and a sector of the future.
Your support is precious to us, and I warmly thank you in advance.”

Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Why pay your apprenticeship tax to ENSM


  • You contribute to the training of merchant navy officers and executives of the blue economy,
  • You support its investments in digital technology and its research on decarbonizing the maritime sector,
  • You encourage the international opening of a true French maritime academy and enrich the legacy of the Hydros.

How to pay the tax?

1.Log in to the SOLTéA platform

For more information, watch the SOLTéA service presentation video

2. Select ENSM: The institution benefits from a prefectural authorization for training provided at each of its 4 sites. You have the option to choose, through the UAI codes below, the one(s) you wish to support:

  • Le Havre = 0760166T
  • Marseille = 0130234J
  • Saint-Malo = 0350092K
  • Nantes = 0440108D

3. Select the percentage you wish to allocate to ENSM (up to 100%).


Stéphanie Gourlin

Apprenticeship Manager