Our Commitments

Fighting Discrimination

Gender equality has been declared a “Grande cause nationale” (Major National Cause) by the President of the Republic. It is part of the provisions of Article L712-2 of the Education Code and the 2021-2025 national action plan against sexist and sexual violence in higher education.

In this context, ENSM, as a responsible institution, places the theme of professional equality at the heart of its policy and actions, directed towards all staff and students. Since June 2023, Delphine Deschamps, Director of Human Resources, has been appointed as the “Professional Equality Referent at ENSM.”

Her role involves:

  • Participating in the development of the professional equality action plan,
  • Implementing the professional equality action plan,
  • Engaging with the network of professional equality referents,
  • Utilizing dedicated collaborative spaces,
  • Raising awareness and informing the school’s staff and students,
  • Training key personnel and relays on the risks of discrimination, harassment, and sexist and sexual violence,
  • Listening to and guiding staff on these issues,
  • Promoting actions that contribute to information dissemination,
  • Raising awareness among staff and preventing gender-related stereotypes.

These actions will follow 4 main axes:

  • Prevention and treatment of pay gaps between women and men.
  • Prevention and treatment of disparities between women and men in terms of access to employment, professional pathways, and career progression.
  • Balancing personal and professional life.
  • Fighting against sexual and sexist violence.

The entire ENSM community is committed to this plan to combat sexual and sexist violence and fully supports Delphine Deschamps.



Our Disability Policy

The School aims to raise awareness, involve, and engage staff and students on disability issues at ENSM. The School develops a personalized disability policy while taking into account the constraints of the maritime environment.

Due to the future roles performed by students trained at ENSM, some of its programs are subject to a specific medical fitness requirement from the maritime health service:

  • First Class Officer / Engineer
  • International Bridge Watchkeeping Officer / Captain 3000
  • Engine Watchkeeping Officer / Chief Engineer 8000kW
  • Continuing education
  • Long professional training


To find out if you meet the admission criteria for navigation, please consult your primary care physician to get an initial medical opinion.

Only the opinion from the maritime health service can issue the medical fitness certificate for navigation required to start these training programs.

Be mindful of appointment scheduling times; do not hesitate to approach accredited centers located along the entire coastline (mainland France and overseas territories).


If you have a disability, certain ENSM programs are open to all:

  • Maritime Engineering / specialization in EGN Eco-Management of the Ship
  • Maritime Engineering / specialization in DMO Deployment and Maintenance of Offshore Systems


The School is here to listen to your questions : referent.handicap@supmaritime.fr

Testifying to raise awareness and change perceptions of disability, the maritime sector can no longer be an exception. The french National Maritime Academy wanted to set the course!

Continuous Improvement

The ENSM has been engaged in a continuous improvement process for several years.

The ENSM’s quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified by LRQA since 2015 for the scope:

“Design and implementation of initial and continuing higher vocational training for merchant navy officers and continuing training in the maritime and para-maritime fields.”

The ENSM obtained the Qualiopi quality certification in 2020, awarded under the category: “Training action”. This certification was developed by the Ministry of Labor as part of the vocational training reform. It attests to the quality of the processes implemented by the ENSM for its training activities contributing to skills development.

Since November 2011, the ENSM has been accredited by the CTI to award the engineering degree for the following programs:

  • Versatile (deck and engine) officers of the merchant navy, in Marseille and Le Havre.
  • Master’s degree in maritime engineering in Nantes.

This accreditation was renewed in 2021 for 5 years.

Quality, a tool for continuous improvement:

La politique qualité définit de quelle manière la démarche qualité s’inscrit dans la stratégie globale de l’ENSM. Elle exprime l’engagement de la Direction pour développer et soutenir cette démarche. Elle est affichée sur tous les sites.

Our QMS must allow:

  • Continuous improvement of the various processes to increase the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.
  • Improving the functioning of services and communication between them, and optimizing activities to achieve our objectives.
  • Providing the Management and operational staff with a management and decision-making tool through the regular monitoring of indicators.