European projects


ENSM’s application, associated with European partners, participates in European projects:

  • European project SKILLSEA or Futureproof Skills for the Maritime Transport Sector
  • European project CMES West-Med or Common Maritime Education Standards in the West Mediterranean
  • BLUE4SEAS project



The aim of the SkillSea project is to ensure that Europe’s maritime professionals have key skills with regards to digital technologies, environment and soft management skills for the rapidly-changing maritime labour market. Its objectives are not only to establish a sustainable skills strategy, but also to increase the number of these professionals – hence enhancing safety and efficiency.

This forward looking project is developed by the industry’s social partners, the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF). It gathers a consortium of national maritime authorities, shipping companies, shipowners’ associations, maritime trade unions and maritime education providers from 16 countries in Europe. SkillSae is funded by Erasmus+.

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Contact at the Academy : Gersende Le Dimna 

CMES West-Med

The CMES West-Med project, Common Maritime Education Standards in the West Mediterranean, aims at establishing a sound network of maritime academies, public authorities and private stakeholders from maritime transport industry in the Mediterranean area. The network relies on the commitment to adopt a common methodology to develop new training courses for seafarers. The French Maritime Academy has partnered with two training institutions: the Italian “Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile » and the “Institut Méditerranéen de Formation aux Métiers Maritimes” (IMFMM) in Tunisia.
The project will last two years from 1st January 2019. The total budget is €500,000.

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Contact at the Academy : Caroline Pons



Blue4Seas is a strategic partnership to support Blue growth by enhancing the maritime cooperation framework in higher maritime education, with regard to marine pollution marine and environment protection.
It is a European project dedicated to innovation and sharing best practices.

Marine Environment Protection

Hazards due to an incident with a major pollution by oil or other hazardous substances are still important and it is paramount to have human resources available , with the correct level of equipment, training and skills, able to cooperate with all stakeholders.

Also, differences between national maritime training programs may lead to difficulties in recognizing diplomas issued by other States, and training periods done abroad.
Regional cooperation and mutual assistance are fundamental to manage serious accidents leading to marine pollution.
Finally, it is also noted that, in the current crisis due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it is even more important to focus on the development of training programs delivered online and the establishment of platforms for virtual simulation on line.
Under the project, a strategic partnership is established between five higher education institutions, based on the seaside of the Baltic sea, the Black sea and the Mediterranean sea. The aim is to share best practices and knowledge, in order to enhance pedagogical skills and learning methods by means of simulation.

Project BLUE4SEAS will support a better coordination between maritime higher education institutions, thanks to the implementation of the Bologna principles, i.e. giving and recognizing ECTS credits.

Finally, BLUE4SEAS will promote the use of digital technologies and innovative learning tools.

Video of ENSM students participating the project B4S in Lithuania

European Cooperation for innovation and sharing best practices

BLUE4SEAS key objectives are:

  • Creation of strategic partnership as a bridge between the five maritime higher education institutions located in countries bordering on three of four seas of Europe.
  • Establishment of a Network of research and innovation on maritime environment protection, designed to support academic exchanges, to share knowledge, to promote infrastructure facilities and research activities between these maritime institutions with the aim to be extended at European and international level.
  • Enhancing the cooperation between institutions by
  • common training programs with issuance of ECTS credits,
  • joint research on efficiency of simulation in maritime education
  • A test/competition for students
  • Video tutorials to support the learning process by allowing access to IT resources
  • Content and pedagogical references for common training parts using simulators in compliance with STWC Convention
  • Conferences and multinationals meetings

Meet the Blue4Seas team at l’ENSM.

  • Micea cel Batran  Naval Academy, Romania (project leader)
  • T. C. Piri Reis Universitesi, Turkey