International Bridge Watchkeeping Officer / Captain 3000

Become a sailor


The International Bridge Watchkeeping Officer (OCQPI) – Captain 3000 training takes place over three years, divided into six semesters at the Le Havre site, including one semester embarked on ships during the last year.

Upon completion of this training, the diplomas obtained are:

  • Bridge Watchkeeping Officer and Captain 3000
  • Recognition at the bachelor’s degree level

This program trains merchant marine navigating officers who will, on the bridge, take on responsibilities in the operation of the commercial ship, primarily related to navigation.


Registrations on starting January 17, 2024, for high school students and graduates without another diploma.
Registration on starting January 17, 2024, for candidates with qualifications higher than two years post-high school or in professional retraining, and for foreign candidates. For more information on registration procedures outside of Parcoursup, download the “Registration Modalities” file below.



The teaching consists of theoretical courses, directed and practical work, as well as sessions on simulators (bridge, radiocommunication, RADAR, etc.)

Subjects taught include navigation, general and maritime English, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, propulsive and auxiliary machinery, mathematics, maritime law, etc.

In addition to the mandatory embarked semester, students also have the opportunity to embark during school holidays.

Onboard, they are an integral part of the crew and participate in the operation of the ship (watchkeeping, emergency drills, commercial operations…).

The curriculum includes mandatory training to handle emergency situations onboard (firefighting, medical assistance, survival at sea…).

A medical fitness certificate for navigation will be required (see “Additional Information” at the bottom of the page).

Program - Study Scheme

Professional Opportunities

Merchant marine officers are destined to work on commercial ships across all oceans and seas of the world to transport goods, convey passengers, or carry out specific tasks such as laying cables or supporting offshore installations.This training prepares for the profession of bridge watchkeeping officer, then as captain aboard commercial ships.

The sectors of activity are numerous, regardless of the types of ships:

  • Cargo ships: container ships, oil tankers, gas carriers, roll-on/roll-off ships, bulk carriers…
  • Passenger ships: ferries, cruise ships, private yachts…
  • Service and maritime works ships: cable layers, tugs, support vessels for offshore platforms…
  • Oceanographic research vessels.

Further Studies

“Captain 3000” graduates can, after a minimum period of sea service (navigation), join the unlimited captain curriculum, allowing them to navigate without tonnage restriction.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree allows for further studies in higher education or to sit for administrative competitions.

Additional Information

Medical Fitness

ENSM students must be fit to practice the seafaring profession. A medical fitness certificate for navigation, issued by a maritime doctor, is required to enroll in the training in September.


To find out if you meet the admission criteria for navigation, consult your primary care physician now for an initial medical opinion.

Only the opinion of the maritime health service can issue the medical fitness certificate required to start these training programs.

Be aware of appointment scheduling times; do not hesitate to approach certified centers located along the entire coastline (mainland and overseas territories).

If you have a disability, the School is available to answer your questions:


ENSM Scholarship Awards

ENSM awards its own scholarships; its students are not eligible for CROUS scholarships. Information related to the ENSM 2024-2025 scholarship campaign, the social criteria scholarship file, and the merit aid request are available on this page: Bourses d’études 

Additional Costs

Travel and accommodation expenses should be anticipated for certifying internships requiring travel within France. ENSM may contribute to covering part of these costs through its Foundation

Cursus - OCQPI

Admission :
postbac on file
Inscription :
on Parcoursup
Duration :
3 years
Sites :
Le Havre
Scholarship rights :
1570€ (2023-2024)

64 places in 2024

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