ENSM Marseille Campus

ENSM Marseille Campus

The ENSM Marseille campus, directed by Fabrice Moret-Bailly, is located at Pointe Rouge, occupying 15,000 m² of facilities. 

Cyril Delher is the deputy site director in charge of training.Under the authority of the site director, the BEF (Bureau of Studies and Training) is the primary contact for students. It serves as the administrative, educational, and disciplinary interface. It handles reception, monitoring of continuing education trainees, and issuance of certificates.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, except from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM.

Educational Equipment

The ENSM Marseille campus is equipped with various simulators dedicated to bridge operations:

  • Maneuvering Simulator: A “full mission” simulator with an elevated bridge offering a 360° field of view, equipped with central and lateral control panels. Three additional cabins, similar to those of the navigation simulator, complete the setup.
  • Navigation Simulator: Features a large cabin with a 150° visual and a real control panel. Three additional cabins equipped with PCs and 30° video projection complete the setup. This simulator is dedicated to navigation training in all visibility conditions.
  • Radar APRA-ECDIS Simulator: Operates on a PC with a 40-inch screen, primarily used for anti-collision training (Arpa), especially in reduced visibility conditions, and Ecdis.
  • Engine Simulators: Model the energy and propulsion systems of various types of ships, allowing students to learn the operational rules of different components (propulsion engines, steam installation, electrical production, heavy fuel system, refrigeration installation, oily water separator, etc.) and understand their interactions. The latest model acquired allows the simulation of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) propulsion ships, advancing towards energy transition. It is also a tool for fault management and optimized resource management.
  • GMDSS Simulator: Training on distress and safety systems of the ship is conducted on the GMDSS simulator. It is possible to simulate all distress scenarios using the necessary radio and satellite links for ship rescue. A general radio operator certificate is issued upon completion of this training.
  • Dynamic Positioning Simulator: Dynamic positioning is an autonomous system for automatic control of the ship’s position and heading. It is mandatory on ships operating in offshore fields.

Housing and catering

For Students:

Cafeteria: Students can have full meals at the site cafeteria. Breakfast is served from 7:45 AM, and lunch (student rate) offers daily choices between fish or meat and vegetables.

  • Accommodation Offers: Numerous rental offers from individuals or real estate agencies are available to students at the reception.

CROUS : 30, rue Lucien Rolmer / Tél. : +33(0)4 42 90 08 00

Visale Scheme (formerly Clé – Caution Locative Etudiante du Crous):

Following the update of the Crous Student Rental Guarantee (Clé) solution, this aid has become Visale from the Action Logement entity.

The principle is simple and fully digital but does not replace housing insurance, which is mandatory when moving into unfurnished housing in France. It is a traditional guarantee for those who do not have someone in their entourage to take on this role. Visale then acts as a “guarantor” for the future tenant.

This process should be completed before signing the rental contract, which often requires a guarantor for unpaid rents. Note that this free aid can be combined with other student aids from the French State.

Note that this free aid can be combined with other student aids from the French State.

Important: To ensure everything is functional on your first day in the accommodation, remember to set up water, electricity, and gas meters as soon as you receive the keys, as well as your internet line (you can compare providers here based on your needs) to ensure everything works from the moment you move in.

 Colibree Scheme:

Colibree is an intergenerational cohabitation platform for students looking for a room to rent.

For continuing education trainees:

The Marseille site has rooms for continuing education trainees who wish to be accommodated during their training period. Reservations can be made through the ENSM technical services:

Maritime Social Service

The SSM (Maritime Social Service) holds regular office hours on the sites.

The SSM supports sailors at every stage of their career: from entering training, throughout their professional life, to retirement preparation and beyond. The SSM teams facilitate information and access to rights for maritime professionals under the ENIM (Etablissement National des Invalides de la Marine) regime.

The dates of the office hours are available from the executive secretariat : sylvie.seba@supmaritime.fr

Contact :

Social worker (Eva Gardelli) – Marseille
29 rue Saint-Ferréol – T.+33 (0)4 91 70 10 56


39, avenue du Corail CS 50040 – 13285 Marseille Cedex 08
Marseille site number : +33(0)9 70 00 04 72

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