The Burals


The Burals are the student councils at ENSM, which include about twenty other associations.

At each ENSM site, the Bural consists of a president called “Grand mât,” a general secretary or “Mât de misaine,” and a treasurer. It animates student life and perpetuates the traditions of the Merchant Navy, including welcoming the Pilots (first-year students) and their baptism in the presence of families, teachers, and alumni.

ENSM's Festive Events Charter

The students and the general director of ENSM have signed the charter of festive events.

This document, approved by the ENSM Board of Directors, now finds its place in the internal regulations of the institution, replacing the previous charter. It outlines the responsibilities of different parties in organizing events and aims to hold organizers accountable.

In this context, ENSM firmly commits to combating sexual and sexist violence, but not only as all types of discrimination are targeted and students’ ecological awareness is addressed. With this document, ENSM bets that students will foster change.

Le Havre / 2023-2024

Grand Mât : Bastianu Barolo

Mat de misaine : Julien Le Pallec

Treasurers : Romain Giorgis

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Nantes / 2023-2024

Grand Mât : Orama Laval

Mat de misaine : Merehau Maillet Cavallin

Treasurers : Fabian Nougaret

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Saint-Malo / 2023-2024

Grand Mât : Armelle Le Dreo

Mat de misaine : Louis Valette

Treasurers : Mahe Bleuzen


Facebook : Facebook du Bural de Saint-Malo

Instagram : Bural StMalo (@buralstmalo) • Photos et vidéos Instagram

Marseille / 2023-2024