ENSM Nantes Campus

ENSM Nantes Campus

The ENSM Nantes campus, directed by Pascal Leblond, is located within the Ecole Centrale de Nantes. Philippe Roy is responsible for the Bureau of Studies and Training (BEF).

Under the authority of the site director, the BEF is the primary contact for students. It serves as the administrative, educational, and disciplinary interface. It handles reception, monitoring of students in the Maritime Engineering specialty, trainees in professional bridge training (OCQP, Captain 3000), and electrotechnicians (ETO), as well as continuing education trainees for whom it issues certificates.

At Nantes, ENSM trains engineers specializing in maritime engineering and offers professional bridge training programs.

Educational Equipment


2 simulators :

  • Bridge Simulator: Features a large cabin with a 180° visual and a real control panel. Three additional cabins equipped with PCs and 150° video projection complete the setup. This simulator is used for maritime training in all visibility conditions and maneuvering. It is also used in maritime engineering training.
  • Engine Simulator: Used to train in the operation of the ship’s propulsion system and the management of its auxiliaries.

8 laboratories :

  • 2 Multimedia Laboratories with 16 stations each
  • Electrotechnics Laboratory
  • Industrial Networks Laboratory (Internet, Ethernet)
  • New Energies Laboratory with fuel cells
  • Climate Engineering Laboratory (equipped with an air conditioning bench and two industrial refrigeration production benches) coupled with a Hydraulics Laboratory (equipped with hydraulic benches)
  • Automation Laboratory

ENSM partners with the University and Ecole Centrale de Nantes to develop maritime projects such as conferences, joint laboratories, and specialized masters. The three partners share a commitment to creating synergies, particularly through the pooling of training programs.

Ecole Centrale de Nantes, ENSM, and the University have identified complementary skills that they combine to:

  • Offer excellent training in maritime and paramaritime fields
  • Develop research work to serve innovation and industrial development
  • Create synergy among students

This approach is illustrated by:

  • Developing partnership-based training programs
  • Creating and developing common training modules
  • Involving teacher-researchers in partner teachings
  • Gradually integrating ENSM teachers into the research teams of the University and Ecole Centrale for joint scientific productions
  • Occasional exchange of specialists for teaching or joint scientific research
  • Exchanging research documents, scientific documents, information, and publications

This approach aligns with Campus Nantes, the development plan for Higher Education, Research, and Innovation (ESRI) of Nantes Métropole.

ENSM is a member of the Campus of Trades and Qualifications in Nautical Activities, where maritime engineering training interests industry professionals.

Maritime Social Service

The SSM (Maritime Social Service) holds regular office hours on the sites.

The dates are available from the Bureau of Studies and Training (BEF).
Contact : Social worker of Nantes
11 Rue Arsène Leloup – T.+33(0)2 40 84 24 53


Housing / Catering

Students have access cards to university restaurants. Numerous fast-food outlets are adjacent to the site.

Visale scheme (formerly Clé – Caution Locative Etudiante du Crous)
This scheme allows tenants to benefit from a traditional guarantee for housing for those who do not have someone in their entourage to take on this role. Visale then acts as a guarantor for the future tenant.

Dispositif Colibree
Colibree is an intergenerational cohabitation platform for students looking for a room to rent.

Nantes ESNM Campus

Campus de l’Ecole Centrale – Bâtiment C
1 rue de la Noë – 44300 Nantes
Nantes site number : +33(0)9 70 00 04 30
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