Research presentation

As an engineering school, The French Maritime Academy carries out research in two areas: maritime risk and energy efficiency.

Studies in the field of maritime safety cover ship stability (parametric roll, stability criteria), maritime cybersecurity, human factors, human-machine interface (providing usable interfaces for the operator) and ergonomics (bridge and equipment).

Studies carried out in the field of energy efficiency aim to propose innovative solutions to make the ship cleaner and more energy efficient. The aim is to study the use of new fuels (gas, hydrogen), sailing assistance and new, cleaner auxiliary systems (cold production).

To carry out these studies, the institution participates in collaborative European, national and regional projects according to the themes indicated above. The presentation of the projects is available on The French Maritime Academy website.

The students participate in the research activities according to their specialities :

– The Engineer-level seafarer course includes the writing of a dissertation which subjects can be suggested by ENSM, related to the research programmes or maritime innovations. These works enable, through a personal reflection, the suggestion of innovations and a collaboration with shipowners or industrials, the future potential recruiters .

– The Eco ship management and Offshore maintenance manager courses include a work and research studies module to train the future project leaders. The subjects suggested by the industrials, related to the specialities, are carried out in M1 with teams of two to four students.