Our Research programs

As an Academy delivering Ingenieur/Engineer qualifications, research at the French Maritime Academy ENSM covers two areas: Maritime risks and energy efficiency.

Studies related to Maritime safety cover ship stability (parametric roll, stability criteria), maritime cybersecurity, human factors, human-machine interface (providing usable interfaces for the operator) and ergonomics (bridge and equipment).

Studies related to Energy efficiency aim to develop innovative solutions for cleaner ships and improved energy efficiency. Studies may deal with the use of new fuels (gas, hydrogen), wind assisted propulsion and new, cleaner auxiliary systems (cold generation).

To undergo such studies, the Academy has joined collaborative projects at European, national and regional levels, in relation to the above-mentioned aspects. List of ongoing projects available here.

Morgan Bourhis is the acting Head of Research programs. He monitors and supervises research work and support the Academy in extending its relationships between training and research centres, for the benefits of students and partners.

Students contribute to research activities based on their selected program:

– The Ingenieur navigant program includes a dissertation, with possible subjects suggested by the Academy ENSM, in relation with the research programs or with maritime innovations. This work promotes, through personal thinking, the development of innovative proposals and collaborations with shipowners or industry partners, as future potential recruiters.

– The Ship Eco management and Offshore maintenance management programs include research modules aimed as a training for future project leaders. The subjects suggested by industry partners are related to the Module specialities and are performed during the fourth year, by groups of two to four students.