Maritime Engineering Specialty, Deployment and Maintenance of Offshore Systems | DMO

The DMO Track

The Deployment and Maintenance of Offshore Systems (DMO) track is one of the two engineering tracks validated by the Engineering Titles Commission (CTI) and taught in Nantes during the two master’s years of the maritime engineering cycle, along with the Ship Eco-Management (EGN) track.


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The Deployment and Maintenance of Offshore Systems (DMO) option focuses on the deployment of offshore installations for production or extraction of energy at sea such as the exploitation of marine renewable energies (MRE), industrial maintenance, optimization of production and transport of offshore energies, foundations, and structures of offshore systems.

The targeted career opportunities are engineer responsible for the operation and maintenance of offshore installations, consulting engineer for a marine energy industrialist, consulting engineer for an administration, consulting engineer for an insurance company. // Engineering students must complete:


  • Engineering students must complete: a minimum 4-week technician-level internship to be carried out outside the school period before entering Master 2.
  • An end-of-studies internship of 24 weeks (6 months) at the engineer level integrated into their training curriculum: this internship takes place during their last school year (Master 2) from February to July.