Ship-Handling Training for DFDS

On the 5th and 6th of May 2022, future French and English Masters from DFDS Company attended, to strengthen their skills, the course “Training and improvement in manoeuvring” in the French Maritime Academy, ENSM, in Le Havre.
On the program for the two days :
– Training on two different types of ferries
– Ongoing manoeuvrings in the ports of Dover, Calais and Dunkirk with variable weather conditions (wind, current and visibility modified for each exercise).

Supervised by three experienced DFDS Masters and two ENSM Professors, they were able to strengthen their skills by using several bridge configurations, including one of the simulators, integrated to the Ship-in-School concept in Le Havre campus.

Benoît Jones, Director of DFDS Shipping company: “Since the Masters onboard our ships perform up to 10 port maneuverings per day, it is essential to train them in as many configurations as possible. Training future Masters on a simulator, quite early in their training, allows them to gain ease and confidence before experiencing these same conditions in real life on board. The ENSM Le Havre simulator is particularly suitable to achieve this and the experience of the two ENSM instructors is a great help. »

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