French Maritime Academy ENSM students’ visit on the M/V Méditerranée, of Corsica Linea

This is a visit that our students will not soon forget! As part of the partnership between the Academy and the company, a class of first-year students, Ingénieur program, visited the ferry Le Méditerranée from company Corsica Linea on Tuesday, 7 December 2021.

Students are delighted

The students greatly appreciated the availability of the officers:

“We were lucky to visit the ship with the Chief engineer Philippe Bachelot who took us around the engine-room, explaining each main element. Then, the Chief Mate Pierre Lacoste and the Master Vincent Mencarelli presented the tasks they have to perform on the Bridge, as well as the different aspects of safety, such as the procedures to follow in case of fire or water ingress. We are grateful to them and thank them”, the students reported after the visit.