Contract of Objectives and Performance 2023-2027

Contract of Objectives and Performance 2023-2027

You’ve been waiting for the Contract of Objectives and Performance (COP) to arrive in time for the festive season. It was drawn up by and for ENSM, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime, between March and November, with the decisive support of DG AMPA. It was adopted by the School’s Board of Governors today, 18 December, and signed by Hervé Berville, Secretary of State to the Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, with responsibility for the Sea and Biodiversity. The COP was published in the Government press release.


Discover the construction of the COP !

We’ll be coming back to the details of what it contains in a forthcoming communication. You will be able to analyse it through specific focuses and with the help of those who will commit themselves to bringing this document to life, as we did for the 12 works of the ENSM.

Here we tell you how our ‘Cap sur le COP’ came about :

12 areas of work were validated by the Board on 14 March. The Board was made up of staff, student and Board member pilots.

The results of this work were presented to the Board on 20 June.

Written feedback on the Board meeting of 20 June was organised for the workstream pilots and for the whole school.

A V1 version of the COP was drawn up at the end of July and beginning of August, focusing on 4 major areas:
1. Teaching the sea with all our might,
2. ‘Nationalise higher maritime education,
3. Support the maritime economy,
4. Maritimising minds and developing a sense of the sea and maritime culture.

Subsequently, discussions took place with some members of the Board, the local authorities and the trade union organisation on a V1 bis, as well as with the local authorities and decentralised government departments concerned.

A V2 of the COP emerged and was presented for ‘public consultation’ reserved for students, teachers and staff of the school between 6 and 13 October.

This same V2 was presented to Armateurs de France at a dedicated meeting on 16 October.

A V3 emerged from this last period, presented to the Board at a seminar on 27 October.

The following version incorporated various comments from local authorities and government departments, but mainly those from the Social Committee meeting on 7 November. This was followed by a graphic design adapted to the communication of this COP and its official presentation for deliberation by the Board of Directors on 13 December. Inter-ministerial discussions were held in preparation for this, supported by the strong backing of the President of the Republic and the Minister during the Conference on the Marine Economy.

And finally …

To round off this exciting project, the agreement was signed on 19 December by Hervé Berville, Secretary of State for the Sea, Frederic Moncany de St-Aignan, Chairman of the Board and François Lambert, Director General of the School, in the presence of Eric BANEL, Director General of Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Christophe Lenormand, Head of the Fleet and Seafarers Department.

Enjoy your reading !