Blue4Seas: The French Maritime Academy, ENSM, in Lithuania

From the 1st to the 3rd of September, the last transnational activity for the implementation of the Blue4Seas project “Strategic partnership to support blue growth by improving maritime higher education” was organized by the Lithuanian Maritime Academy.
The Blue4Seas project was established under the framework of the Erasmus+ program, KA203 – Strategic Partnerships for higher education.

For 24 months, the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Batrân” in Romania, the Maritime Academy of Lithuania, the PiriReis University in Turkey, the University of Ljubljana and the French Maritime Academy, ENSM, aimed at developing an harmonized pedagogic program covering marine environment protection and sustainable development.

As part of this project, four training modules (in English) have been developed.

The modules will be available for students from the partner universities, once the project is completed.