A Designated person for Professional Equality at the ENSM

Gender equality has been designated a “Great national cause” by the President of the Republic. It falls under the provisions of Article L712-2 of the Education Code and the national action plan 2021-2025 against gender-based and sexual violence in higher education.

In this context, the French Maritime Academy, the ENSM, as a responsible institution, integrates professional equality at the core of its policy and actions, as applicable to all staff members and students.
At the beginning of 2022, Nadège Meunier, from the Human resources department, was appointed as Designated person in charge of professional equality at the ENSM.

Her role is to participate

  • in the development of the professional equality action plan, in connection with the committee in charge of monitoring.
  • to the implementation of the professional equality action plan.
  • to the network of Designated persons in charge of professional equality, and to contribute to dedicated collaborative functions.
  • to actions for awareness-raising, for information of staff and students at the ENSM, to the training of key and relay persons on the risks of discrimination, harassment and gender-based and sexual violence.
  • to discussions with personnel on these topics and to provide them with guidance.
  • the promotion of actions that can contribute to the information and awareness-raising of agents and the prevention of gender stereotypes.

These actions will follow four key directions:

  • Preventing and dealing with gender pay gaps
  • Preventing and dealing with gender gaps in access to employment and career paths.
  • Balancing personal and professional life.
  • Combating sexual and gender-based violence.

The entire ENSM community is fully committed to this plan to combat sexual and gender-based violence and will bring consistent support to Nadège Meunier.