Project presentation

SEANATIC is a project developed by a consortium of 5 partners to develop a preventive maintenance solution. The aim is to reduce ship operating costs and improve the design of future ships.

As the first step towards the autonomous ship, SEANATIC will open up new opportunities in terms of energy efficiency, safety and cost reduction, thanks to an innovative predictive maintenance solution for ships.

Role of ENSM

ENSM provides its business expertise and hosts the user tests on its dedicated simulator.

The school is involved in three tasks :

  • The first involves gathering data and specifying the requirement, and analysing what already exists (documentation on maintenance in the merchant navy and the main functionalities, existing scenario on simulator at ENSM).
  • During the second task, the interface mock-ups produced by Azimut (partner) will be tested by ENSM students.
  • Finally, during the third task, the dynamic interface will be tested in a simulated environment and the impact on the officer in charge of the watch will be analysed.


Project manager : Irène PUIG