Pooling offshore maintenance operations

Overview / information

Location: Le Havre
Project duration : October 2011 to June 2015


  1. To develop a decision-making tool for ports, local and regional authorities, business clusters and industrialists wishing to invest in the offshore wind energy sector (logistical support and, more specifically, maintenance).
  2. Anticipate the nautical aspects for future maintenance service providers and traditional players in this area (fishing, yachting, commerce, etc.).

Participants: University of Le Havre, ENSM, CRITT transport and logistics, University of Plymouth, University of Porthsmouth

General organisation of the project :

  1. Creation of a decision-making aid by developing a database indicating the onshore and offshore services available to ensure the maintenance of offshore wind farms, the maintenance required and training needs.
  2. Maritime safety: identifying maritime activities affected by the installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Creation of a simulated environment to prepare for offshore operations. Drawing up nautical recommendations for stakeholders.
  3. Anticipation and life cycle: Proposals for dismantling and recycling scenarios. Analysis of associated costs.
  4. Dissemination

The role of ENSM

  1. Participating in the creation of the database that will serve as a decision-making tool
  2. Steering the maritime safety axis
  3. Helping to communicate research findings and results