Initiation to Welding

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Being able to make simple units by oxyacetylene process and electric arc.


5 half-days / 15 hours


Oxyacetylene process (7 hours):
– General definition of welding
– Process presentation and demonstration
– Tests on fusion line without metal and arc
– Tests of an inner and outer angle weld on a test piece thickness 2
– Tests of full penetration weld joining on plate thickness 15/10
– Presentation and demonstration of oxycutting process
– Tests of oxycutting in team on 3 workstations with different configurations
Electric arc process (8 hours):

– Health and safety with arc welding
– Presentation and demonstration of the process of arc welding with coated electrode

– Flat electrode tests
–Comparative study of different processes : TIG, MIG-MAG, electrodes
–Inner angle electrode tests
–Studying the sizing of weld beads and preparations
–Using the electric grinder
– Demonstration of the full penetration welding on a chamfered test piece
– Making the test piece
– Checking using bleeding
– Tests on tests piece of the semi-automatic process with ventilated hood


Saint-Malo Campus

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