The UK Ambassador visited French Maritime Academy in Le Havre.

ENSM was pleased to receive the UK ambassador, Edward Llewellyn and his political attaché, Clémentine Martin, as well as Caroline Leclerc, deputy mayor of Le Havre.
Caroline Grégoire, Director General of ENSM, YannVachias, Deputy Director General, Philippe Livet, Site Director, and Gersende LeDimna, Head of International Relations and Academic Partnerships, presented the school, its simulators (much appreciated by its Excellence) and its ambitions.

In accordance with its 2018-2022 contract of objectives and performance, the French Maritime Academy/ENSM is implementing a policy of international influence which will take the form of meetings and exchanges with other major maritime academies.
Students and staff will be able to benefit from this opening up within the framework of the ErasmusPlus+  scheme or other agreements, with the United Kingdom for example.

As a reminder, partnerships with higher education institutions have been or are being developed. Their choice is guided by several criteria, including essentially the complementarity of the associated skills, the mutual contribution in terms of good practices, know-how or pedagogical innovation and the coherence between the training courses or with the two main areas of research developed within the ENSM: maritime risks and energy efficiency.

ENSM is, or has been, a partner of institutions on several continents: America with the Institut Maritime Québécois in Canada and Kings Point in the United States; Africa with the Académie Régionale des Sciences et Techniques de la Mer de Côte d’Ivoire and the Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Maritimes du Maroc; and Europe with Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, in Romania, and Fondazione Academia Italiana della Marina Mercantile, in Italy.

ENSM has been awarded an Erasmus+ charter for the period 2021-2027. The Erasmus+ programme is the heir to Erasmus. It has expanded to a wider audience, to enhance the skills and employability of beneficiaries. It also helps institutions to work in international partnerships and share innovative practice in education, training and youth.