The Maritime Employment Week at the ENSM

The Maritime Employment Week at the ENSM
The French Maritime Academy, the ENSM, has centered its actions in Saint-Malo as part of the Maritime Employment Week managed by Pôle emploi.
The campaign spotlights the professions in the French maritime sector, the companies that are recruiting and the training institutions.
The Academy is committed to work further on two aspects: initial training and continuing education.
The teams have dedicated their energy and time to organize for professionals, shipowners and industry, two working days and some sociable time to meet in the port city of Saint-Malo.
With thirty or so professionals in attendance, the Academy presented to the audience the new platform for internships/cadet offers, as a tool expected by employers.

First day dedicated to continuing education

The ENSM teams focused on continuing education, CEMAFOR and CESAME, organized a first event, on March 23, for stakeholders in the maritime industry.
13 companies, either shipowners or part of the industry, gathered for a discussion on the expectations and prospects of continuing education.
It was followed by a visit to the ENSM training center and in particular the new facilities for training courses on working at height and access to confined spaces.
Being such a success, a Second edition of this Day is to be expected!

Shipowners forum

On March 24, the ENSM welcomed 16 shipping companies for meetings with the engineers (Engine department officers) who will graduate within the year and are looking for a job. The Engineers were able to present their CVs and get to know the representatives of the following companies: Ponant, Corsica Linea GazoceanBourbon OffshoreBrittany FerriesEuronavla compagnie des pêches Saint-MaloDFDS FranceCMA CGMV-shipsGenavir, JifmarMaritime NantaisePerencoCFTOLouis-Dreyfus Armateurs.