The French Maritime Academy signs a partnership with DFDS

The Academy, as the training institution for Merchant Navy Officers, and the Danish ferry company have formalized their cooperation in the fields of maritime training and employment.

The strong collaboration between DFDS, which employs 130 French officers and welcomes about 50 students/cadets each year, and the French Maritime Academy, the ENSM, is set to last.

In the past, the ENSM had been able to rely on its professors to meet specific needs in terms of continuing education as requested by the shipowner, involved in the Academy activities and supporting students.

To go further, on aspects related to teaching, refreshing professors’ skills, on-demand training, support for students, but also for research and experimentation of innovative devices and to promote careers as merchant navy officers, the Directors from both parties have signed a partnership, as a tool for their long-term cooperation.

“The mission of the French Maritime Academy, the ENSM, is to train high-quality officers available for shipowners.
Our collaboration with DFDS contributes effectively to this ”
commented Caroline Grégoire, the Director General of the ENSM.

“We are proud to establish this partnership and to participate in the transmission of the know-how of Merchant Navy Officers.
This collaboration will enhance the quality of the training delivered by the ENSM and will offer an additional support to students.
Future officers, later recruited to work onboard our ships, will be able to acquire the skills sought by DFDS in order to ensure the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers”
said Benoît Jones, Director of DFDS.

Successor of the Hydrographic School founded by Charles IX in 1571, today the ENSM delivers training programs for 1,200 students in four campuses, Le Havre, Saint-Malo, Nantes and Marseille, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Sea.

With a network of 27 routes and a fleet of 71 vessels, DFDS is the largest integrated transport and logistics company in Northern Europe.
DFDS offers first-class facilities and service, as well as the widest range of ferry crossings in Northern Europe.