Staff Day

The 1st Staff Day was held on 8 July 2021 on the 4 campuses of the French Maritime Academy.
Caroline Grégoire, Managing Director, Nathalie Tancret, Director of Studies, Yann Vachias, Deputy Managing Director and Pierre-Yves Le Corre, Director of Corporate Services, led the morning session by video conference.
They presented the results for 2020, the highlights for 2021, the ambitions, perspectives and objectives for the School and its staff. At the heart of the presentations were of course the next COP (Contract of Objectives and Performance 2023-2027) and the Fontenoy of the maritime world.
The campuses directors made illustrated contributions.
All the participants familiarised themselves with the quiz technique, before sharing lunch cocktails.
The afternoon was devoted to sea outings and site activities, among colleagues and in good spirits.