Projet E-PANEMA : Meeting with our partners

Meeting with our partners, SAFRAN, DIADES, ENSTA and our funding partner ADEME for the validation of the first key step of our E-PANEMA project

In line with the CORICAN “Intelligent Bride” Roadmap and the IMO “e-Navigation” Strategy Implementation Plan (SIP), the e-PANEMA project aims to study and develop innovative technological building blocks that will improve navigation safety and offer better environmental protection by reducing collisions and optimising navigation routes.


Building blocks under review

  1. E-positioning : precise navigation requires a reliable and robust positioning solution that can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, based on the hybridisation of inertial navigation with various means of recalibration in all weather conditions (GNSS, optronic sighting, etc.)
  2. Improved situational awareness: safe navigation relies on the ability to detect and identify vessels or obstacles with a low radar signature and in all conditions, in order to provide improved perception of the ship in its environment, to alert in case of danger and to assist in decision making.
  3. E-navigation : based on these two previous functions, e-navigation brings together a set of applications and services that take advantage of the integration and management of different sources of information and meet the necessary interoperability requirements, within a coherent cartographic system of maritime standards. For example, an application to optimize the efficiency of navigation routes will be studied.

E-navigation is currently the subject of much research, which will lead to new regulations. The aim of the e-PANEMA project is to position France in this area: for this reason, the industrial consortium has the ambition to participate to this process of standardization and to be a proactive partner within the preparatory working groups for the future IMO standards, with the help of public partners and academic stakeholders in this area.