French Maritime Academy, ENSM, signs new partnership

A partnership to support seafarers in their search for work at sea

La Touline was created in 1989 by Merchant Navy officers willing to support seafarers in their search for work at sea.
Since then, La Touline has pursued this mission with conviction and professionalism to facilitate and support the journey of its public and, more particularly, students from maritime education in their search for cadet time at sea, work on ships, or for more general guidance.
To this end, the Touline and the ENSM, delivering Merchant navy officers programs, have come together to renew a partnership initiated in 2012 and to adapt it to new requests from the shipping industry.
The two organizations also wish to collaborate within the framework of this partnership, on aspects related to the promotion of maritime careers among high school students, assistance for those looking for cadet contracts or internships, jobs and work at sea for ENSM Cadet officers, by providing assistance in writing CV’s, cover letters and for job interviews.
La Touline will also offer thematic conferences on the professional environment, for the benefit of new students.