ENSM Registration for trainings in Maritime Engineering are open

A focus on sustainable development and blue economy

The training of ENSM Engineers in Maritime Engineering is intended for students interested in the maritime world and new technologies with a view to sustainable development and the blue economy. It offers two training courses:

  • – Ship Eco-Management (EGN) focused on: the design, operation, maintenance and optimization of “green” ships, both in terms of their construction, their propulsion and energy production, the fuel storage and ship subsystems,
  • – the Deployment and Maintenance of Offshore Systems (DMO) based on the analysis of the life cycle of an offshore installation (EMR or “Oil and Gas”) from its design, construction, operation, maintenance to its deconstruction.

Students are recruited in License 3 or Master 1

Many employment prospects

These engineers are destined to work in shipping companies, shipyards, large groups in the production and deployment of renewable energies, engineering companies, start-ups developing innovative maritime projects, wind farms and any other company related to the maritime environment.

With a maximum employability rate and very attractive post-school salaries, this training is booming and contributes to the influence of the ENSM French Maritime Academy!