E-PANEMA: Practical demonstration of the system on board M/V Jean Nicolli (Corsica Linea)

On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 of July, 2022, the E-PANEMA project team joined M/V Jean Nicolli, a ferry operated by Corsica Linea, in order to validate the innovative technologies used in the E-PANEMA system in operational conditions.
As per the “Smart Gateways” Roadmap under CORICAN and under the IMO Strategy Implementation Plan (SIP), the bricks “e-positioning”, “improved situational awareness” as well as “e-navigation” have been explored in order to develop French know-how in this field.

During these two days, where various nautical situations were tested, the researchers were able to evaluate how the system contributes to enhanced safety of navigation (including with a reduced number of crew and in all difficult sailing conditions), which in turns, improves environmental protection, reduces fuel consumption, simplifies and speeds up port operations.