Departure of Engine room watchkeeping officer / Chief engineer 8000kW

OCQM/CM8000kW graduation ceremony

The class of 2018 of 8000kW (OCQM/CM 8000) officer cadets left ENSM on 25 June, after three years in Saint-Malo, two of which were disrupted, as for all students, by Covid.

They all finished the year with flying colours and are now eagerly looking forward to discovering their future profession on board.

The penultimate day at the school was devoted to the presentation of the projects prepared throughout the year by teams of enthusiastic students in front of their fellow students and teachers: Ultrasonic tank, Hydrolienne, Flettner Rotor, fine particle sensor…

This day was the occasion to share with the students, the teachers and the agents a “galette/saucisse” meal… disturbed by the Breton drizzle which forced them to be indoors. The MASEN “promotion” joined them for the occasion.

The pedagogical team and the management are waiting for all these students for the next stage of training, the Chief Mechanic Unlimited, on a new site, in Paramé, for most of them!

Good wind and good sea to all!

As a reminder, the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) trains engine watch officers, also known as engineer lieutenants or third engineers, who are responsible for operating and repairing the main and auxiliary engines as well as the various installations of the service.

Their prerogatives are exercised on all types of ships, regardless of the power installed. They guarantee the operation of a ship’s vital functions, and in particular they participate in its maintenance while ensuring the safety of the passengers and goods transported. Depending on the function, they may be involved in all technical areas of production and distribution, i.e. electricity, water and steam production, fuel and waste management.

The training is very diversified and the subjects taught are related to the following fields: electrical/electronic, electricity, hydraulics, controlled temperature installations, pneumatics, automation, and all types of propulsion: diesel, turbine & gas engine, steam or electric diesel.

After six months of navigation as a student and then as an engineer officer, obtaining the chief engineer’s certificate associated with this three-year training course enables you to work as a manager in the engine department on ships of less than 8000kW.

The training to become an unlimited chief engineer is given in Saint-Malo.


Graduation ceremony of the International Bridge Watch Officer / Captain 3000 students of ENSM.

After three years of study in Le Havre, the 2018 class of students in the OCQPI International Bridge Watch Officer course is leaving ENSM. In 2018, these new students, “Pilots” in “Hydro” language, were christened by the Bural. Philippe Valetoux, a prominent member of the SNSM and former student, and Sophie Galvagnon, founder of the Latitude Blanche company, were their godparents.

These three years were marked by the health crisis, distance learning, but fortunately, saved by the determination of the School, which was one of the few higher education institutions to maintain its face-to-face initial training after the 2020 confinement.

They will embark in the next few days with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, Ponant, Euronav, LLYR marine or VShips.

The warm ceremony in the large amphitheatre of the Merchant Navy School, quai Frissard, brought together the staff of the School and the families around the new officers of the Merchant Navy.

Good wind and good sea to all!