Belem Day at French Maritime Academy in Le Havre

On 17 March 2022, the ENSM organised meetings between its students, staff and the crew of the three-masted barque Belem!
The Belem, a three-masted ship with a square lighthouse and a steel hull, is the last of the great French merchant ships of the 19th century still sailing. She spent the winter on the Quai du Cameroun in Le Havre, a stone’s throw from the ENSM.  It is not surprising that her neighbours, sailors and the school’s administration were the first visitors of the 2022 season.

The day included a picnic with the crew on the lawn between the ship and the school that trained its officers.

Led by Philippe Livet, site director, the crew visited the ENSM simulators and observed their ship from the school’s terrace.

The exchanges ended with a lecture by Aymeric Gibet, former student and Master of the Belem, in the large amphitheatre of Le Havre campus.

The French Maritime Academy ENSM warmly thanks the crew and the BELEM Foundation for this enriching day!