At Rad’Lô

To introduce us to this great project, let’s instead give the floor to its president, Aliénor Rambeau, a multi-skilled officer cadet!

“Au Rad’Lô was created in 2016, by around ten 3rd year students in Marseille, based on the observation that we were trained to give up, with the TIS and then the CAEERS, but not to survive. So they spent 5 days surviving on board a raft, accompanied by a fireman from the BMPM. Under the supervision of doctors, they were able to study the effects of the lack of food and water, the cramped conditions, but also the raft itself.

With a new team, a second experiment was organised for 2022: 22 people, including 4 non-seafarers and 2 firemen, boarded a boat and a raft, moored to a box off the Frioul. The 5 days went well, and under the direction of the doctors and psychologists a number of studies were carried out. The castaways were also able to compare survival conditions between the raft and the boat.

For 2024, we’re thinking even bigger: around forty people will embark in a 50-seater raft, for 2 to 5 days drifting off Marseille. Based on the abandonment of a passenger ship, to recreate a more versatile crew, there will be more than twenty non-seafarers on board, completely new to the marine and survival fields. There will also be 8 members of Au Rad’Lô, 2 doctors and 2 firemen. This new experience is a major challenge, requiring a great deal of organisation to ensure everyone’s safety.

Don’t hesitate to join us on our page or our Instagram account au_rad_lo, to follow the preparation of the experiment and its progress! ”

See you on D-Day, 15 April! 🛟