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Présentation du projet

The SEAWING project consists of developing an auxiliary traction system using a captive flying wing.

This system will be perfectly integrated into the ship’s control in order to obtain the acceptance and adherence of the crews thanks to the total and safe automation of the releases, flight and recovery of the wing and also by the use of an attractive and simple man-machine interface for the crew


The SEAWING project addresses the following issues:

  • Reduction in energy consumption by 20%;
  • Development of an automated high-performance wing that can be integrated into the operation of a ship using a graphic mission management system;
  • Design of the system to be integrated on the deck of the ship;
  • Development and industrial integration of the entire physical and control system.


Duration : june 2016 to end of 2020.

In 2021, the “City of Bordeaux” of the shipowner LDA will be equipped with the SEAWING system on the line connecting the AIRBUS plants in Saint-Nazaire and Mobile in the United States.

Rôle de l’ENSM

The French Maritime Academy provides its expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the maritime regulatory framework for the use of such a system;
  • Design of the system’s human-machine interface;
  • Development of operational and training documentation.





équipe ensm

Quentin Busch, Gersende Le Dimna et Olivier Lemattre.

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