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Présentation du projet

The objective of the project is to reduce the energy consumption of ships, taking into account the environment and in particular sea state in the design and operation of ships.

The developments planned in this project will make it possible to :

– Improve the performance of ships at the design stage in a real environment including waves and wind,

– To improve the routing of the vessels, by allowing the use of these precise hydrodynamic and aerodynamic databases of the vessel in the ADRENA software, in order to optimize its consumption, reduce risks and preserve its lifespan.

Project duration : December 2015 to December 2019

Rôle de l’ENSM

Participation in the development of the ship’s aero-hydro-structure-machine models,

Participation in the Development of specific models for three types of ships, Participation in the Integration of the developments in the routing software ADRENA-Ship






Olivier Lemattre 

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