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Présentation du projet

The SEA4M project (Autonomous Machinery System for Maritime Multi-Mission Management) aims to define and develop an open supervision system environment that reduces the number of screens and workstations to conduct complex maritime missions and allows the coordinated and automated management of a heterogeneous set of surface drones.

Duration: January 2017 to the end of 2020.

Rôle de l’ENSM

ENSM provides its expertise in the following areas:

-Analysis of the maritime regulatory framework;

-Specification of the man-machine interface of the system;

-Carrying out certain studies relating to the security of information systems (analysis of cyber-vulnerabilities, security of transmissions – sensors – software);

-Definition of training needs and standards.




Quentin Busch, Léon Labille, Olivier Lemattre, Pedro Mérino-Laso et Awa Sam-Lefebvre

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