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Présentation du projet

This project proposes a deepening of the knowledge on the nature and concentration of fine particles emitted by maritime transport, in particular through a precise quantification of fine particle emissions related to port manoeuvres, by means of dynamic source (stack) acquisitions synchronised with the recording of ship parameters (position, speed, load) and propulsion. – To define a validated experimental methodology for the measurement of particulate emissions under operating conditions,

– Performing dynamic fine particulate emission measurements

– To correlate stack emissions with air quality measurements in a nearby environment (deck and cabin measurements) and in a port environment,

– Testing the gains in fine particle emissions obtained via two technological solutions

– Carry out two test campaigns on the “Honfleur”, a Brittany Ferries vessel equipped with an LNG propulsion system, whose real emissions can be evaluated under operating conditions using iso instrumentation, and characterise the nature of the fine particles emitted.

Project duration : September 2019 to September 2022

Rôle de l’ENSM

Inventory of air pollution related to maritime traffic

Quantification of the source of fine particle emissions in port navigation conditions

Analysis of the impact of fine particle discharges on the port environment near and on board Technical recommendations for the reduction of emissions of fine particles at source





Project manager : Jérôme Gaboriau

Project team : Benoit Dupont 

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