Vessel Traffic System operator training (VTSO)

Vessel traffic system operator training

For who

Port officers in charge of traffic management

Required Background

– SMCP language competences
–Ability to have a basic conversation in English
–Able to use current telecommunications and detection means
–Practice of ship positioning, navigational and identification systems
–Ability to use maritime radiocommunications means


Obtain the competences to carry out one or several tasks related to the maritime traffic management system 


64 hours over 2 weeks


Minimum 4 / Maximum 8


IALA Recommendation V-103 on Standards for Training and Certification of VTS Personnel
IALA Model Course V-103/1


– Language :  Standards SMCP phrases linked to ports
– Module 2 :  Traffic management. Use of procedures for port manoeuvring
– Module 3 : Equipment. Equipment features used by the operators (AIS, CCTV, Radar VTS…)
– Module 4 : Nautical knowledge. Behaviour of manoeuvring ships
– Module 5 : Communication coordination. Prevailing rules and procedures (IMO) applicable during radiocommunication exchanges
– Module 6 :  VHF radio. VHF technical characteristics (frequencies)
– Module 7 : Human factor. Presentation of the influence of human behaviour in critical situations
– Module 8 :  Emergency situations. SAR operations. GMDSS procedure


Marseille campus

Teaching Staff

ENSM professors and experienced port officers

End of training assessment

Ongoing assessment



End of training certificate


Satisfaction rate

The satisfaction rate for this training course is 100%.

Certification/statement issuance rate

The certification / statement issuance rate for this training is 100%

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