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Mathilde Géron – Merchant marine officer, top athlete

Mathilde Géron started sailing at age 7 and started competing at age 12. She got into the ENMM on the Le Havre campus and then became a merchant navy officer...Lire plus

Olivier Canavese – Merchant marine officer, Lépine Prize 2012

Olivier Canavese, former student at the ENMM on the Marseille campus, navigates with The Méridionale as a purser. On 7th May 2012, he is awarded the Lépine Prize from the...Lire plus

Clément Belin – Merchant marine officer, comics artist

After studying at the ENMM on the Marseille campus, Clément Belin is captain on different ships such as oil tankers, bunkering vessels… His best experience remains, according to him, the...Lire plus

Charles Caudrelier – Merchant marine officer, sailor

After studying at ENMM on the Le Havre campus, Charles Caudrelier joins in 1999 the training centre for ocean racing in Port-la-Forêt. First freshman on the Solitaire du Figaro, he...Lire plus

Thierry Duprey de Vorsent – Helmsman / Trimmer

This Parisian discovers a passion for sailing at age 20 while he is into other sports: running, mountain biking, athletics (1500 m and 800 m) and rowing. From sailing centres...Lire plus

Patrick Marchesseau – Merchant navy officer, captain for Ponant

In 1993, Patrick Marchesseau joins the ENMM on the Marseille campus then navigates as captain on various cruise liners. He is captain for Ponant in Spring 2008 when pirates attack...Lire plus

Alain Gautier – Merchant navy officer, sailor

Fifteen Solitaire du Figaro, three circumnavigations, two La Baule-Dakar, twelve transats: Alain Gautier’s list of achievements remains unbeaten, which doesn’t prevent him from mastering as well, beside competition, the management...Lire plus

Roger Langevin – Ocean-going Master, pilot and sailor

Former student from the merchant navy schools of Saint-Malo and Paimpol, ocean-going Master for ten years, then Le Havre pilot between 1980 and 2007 and skipper. He wins the race...Lire plus

Jean-François Tallec – Institutional adviser for maritime policy (CMA CGM) and member of the Board of Directors at the ENSM

Holder of a master’s degree in economics, of a diploma from the Ecole d’Administration des Affaires Maritimes and from the Ecole Nationale de la Marine Marchande, Jean-François TALLEC starts his...Lire plus

Gérard Petipas – Ocean going captain, sailor and organiser of ocean races

Student at ENMM on the Saint-Malo campus and then ocean going captain, Gérard Petipas navigates for the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and participates in ocean races. He meets Eric Tabarly in...Lire plus

Jean des Moutis – French resistance fighter

Cadet officer in the merchant navy in 1931, Jean des Moutis joins the navy. He studies at the Ecole des EOR before being posted as officer cadet on the Colbert....Lire plus

Jean Levasseur – Ocean going captain, captain of the Aconit

Jean Levasseur studies in the merchant navy in 1932 after doing his military service as a reserve officer in the navy. Called up in 1936, he joins the Free French...Lire plus

Hubert Amyot d’Inville – Ocean going captain, captain of the 1st regiment of marines

Hubert Amyot d’Inville joins the merchant navy in 1932 then becomes an ocean going captain on the Madagascar line in 1939. In 1940, he is called up in the navy...Lire plus

Pierre de Morsier – Photographer, captain of the 1st regiment of marines, French resistance fighter

Merchant navy officer, Pierre de Morsier will navigate between 1931 and 1939, period during which he keeps a photography diary. A travel logbook including 300 photographs available on the French...Lire plus

Paul-Emile Victor – Ocean going explorer, ethnologist, founder of Expéditions polaires françaises

Engineer, holder of a diploma of the Paris Ethnology Institute and holder of a diploma of the ENMM Marseille, Paul-Emile Victor sets up, in 1934, his first polar expedition and...Lire plus