Specialised Master – Life Cycle Assessment of Ship



The Specialised Master « Life Cycle Assessment of Ship (MS LICAS) » aims at training experts of the life cycle of ship sector, in both research and development and project management. The Specialised Master LICAS will enable access to positions such as engineers or designers in a design office, engineers in charge of the environment, QSE engineers in a shipyard, design office or shipping company.

This diploma (six years after the baccalaureat) carried by Centrale Nantes,  Ecole Navale and ENSM, approved by the Grandes Ecoles Conference, will welcome students in initial training as well as students in ongoing education wishing to gain an expertise, a double competence or wishing to further in a sector in order to evolve professionally.


Training / Programme

The duration of the training will span over a full year and will be organised as follows :
–  420 hours of lectures between 1st October and 28 February
–  An internship for a professional thesis, lasting around 6 months, between 1st March and 30 September

The course is composed of  only compulsory modules without any options

Semester 1 :
– Focus 1 : Environment, eco-design and life cycle (Life Cycle Analysis) (120 hours – 17 ECTS)
Methodology Life Cycle Analysis (ACV), tools in eco-design, basics in environment sciences and management of a product life span
– Focus 2 : Ship construction economy and corporate social responsibility  (60 hours – 6 ECTS)
Mapping of maritime actors involved in Life Cycle Analysis. Circular economy.
– Focus 3 : Technological and industrial aspects of the life cycle, construction/scrapping (60 hours – 6 ECTS)
Families and choices of materials. Recycling and treatment of wastes from ships at the end of their life
– Focus 4 : Regulation (60 hours – 5 ECTS)
Legal and statutory framework. Environment laws. Regulation for ship’s cycle
– Focus 5 : Project management  (120 hours – 11 ECTS)
Integrated management : quality, safety and environment. Environmental analysis and management. Basics in project management and organisational tools. The lectures will be accompanied by a college project

Semester 2 :
A 6-month practical within a company, validated by the viva of a professional thesis


The recruitment is open to the holders of :
– a diploma approved by the « Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI) »
– a Master 2
– a Master 1 or equivalent with a three-year professional experience
– a French Register of Professional Certification (RNCP) title level 1
– a foreign diploma equivalent to the French ones mentioned above

Register for the Specialised Master « Life Cycle Assessment of Ship » on Centrale Nantes’ website.

Lecturers and Corporate Partners

Lecturers from three academies : Centrale Nantes, ENSM and Ecole Navale will deliver lectures during the whole course

Industrials are very much involved, via specific lectures, within projects but also in the recruitment and selection of the candidates.

Corporate partners : Bureau MauricGroupe BénéteauNaval GroupPiriou and Véolia are the industrial representatives specifically involved in the pedagogical programme.


The lectures will take place in Nantes, at Centrale Nantes and ENSM.
A 2-week study visit at Ecole Navale in Brest will be paid for by the three academies.

Training course fees :
– Individual : €9,600
– Ongoing training : €16,000

End of June
 : 1st recruitment session
Beginning of September : 2nd recruitment session
Beginning of October 
: lectures start

Download the Specialised Master « Life Cycle Assessment of Ship » flyer PDF - icône


Jean-Marc Benguigui, lecturer in Centrale Nantes, options manager
Thomas Daday, lecturer-researcher at Ecole Navale
Yann Vachias, research coordinator at ENSM

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