Convention du travail maritime

The Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) and the Association of the Malmö global university friends  (AUMM) have organised a colloquium entitled « The maritime convention and its implementation », on Tuesday 28 May 2013 from 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm, on the Le Havre campus, 66 route du Cap in Sainte-Adresse.

These exchanges will give the opportunity to, at the same time, sum up the modifications of this convention and the issues of its implementation, by associating the different players of the maritime world.

Programm :

  • 2 pm – Welcome speech by François Marendet, ENSM’s General Manager, of the Maritime Interregional Director of the east channel-north sea, and the President of the association of the global maritime university friends (AAUMM).
  • 2.15 pm – History of the maritime labour convention : Jean-Marc Schindler, general director of the Maritime Affairs.
  • 2.45 pm – Monitoring of the working conditions according to the convention : Maritime Interregional Management (DIRM)/Le Havre Ship Safety Centre (CNS).
  • 3.00 pm – Role of the labour inspectorate departments : DIRRECTE- Labour Management / Labour Inspectorate-maritime department.
  • 3.15 – International implications of the convention : Professor Raphaël Baumler, World Maritime University (WMU).
  • 3.30 pm- Issues of the convention on maritime labour : Professor Patrick Chaumette/CDMO, Nantes University.
  • 4.15 pm – Round table discussion: Role of the convention’s players on maritime labour.
    Leader : Professor Patrick Chaumette.
    Mark Pitard, maritime employment office at the Maritime Affairs Directorate; Armateurs de France; Captain Alain Le Guillard, Louis-Dreyfus Armateurs; Mrs Laure Talloneau, International Tradeworkers Federation (ITF), Emmanuel Cornée, ENSM.
  • 5.15 pm: Closing speech by M.Yann Becouarn, assistant-manager at the Maritime Affairs Directorate.