Marisk 2016 – Human Sea



Communication conference Human Sea – Marisk / Junior conference
3 and 4 October 2016

The third WorkPackage of the European programme « Human Sea » consists in the organisation of an international conference in autumn 2016, combined with the 5th MARISK conference, then the publishing of a book describing the new activities at sea and the control of the induced risks.
These new activities are linked to the Offshore oil and gas exploitation, through rigs and other installations, to the development of fixed wind farms, soon to be floating, tidal turbines, wave energy installations… the more classic navigation themes can’t be neglected, considering the growth in size of container ships and cruise ships in particular.

The conference’s goal is to synthetise the technological, economical, managerial issues of these three maritime sectors : it is indeed essential at first to grasp the current transformations, in order to deduce the necessary evolutions in the regulations. The main themes deal with maritime and port security, MRE, cyber security, highly reliable organisations at sea . A more legal second step will materialise, in 2018, with the conference closing the ERC Human Sea programme …

Planned over a period of 5 years, the HUMA N SEA project will meet the issues linked to human activities at sea which have gradually led to a transformation of the Law of the Sea and Maritime law which remain today legally left out (ERC-2013-AdG 340770). The HUMAN SEA programme’s objective, coordinated by Patrick Chaumette, head of the Centre of the Oceans and Maritime Law, is to think again the concepts born from the history of maritime activities and navigation and to wonder about the role of the States at sea, of their territorial waters towards the high seas. The 1982 compromises towards the law of the Sea will also be part of the conference considering the threats of the new techniques.

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The international conference will be organised in autumn 2016 over two days, on 3 and 4 October. This European programme Human Sea conference is combined with the 5th International conference MARISK, organized by the French Maritime Academy (ENSM), the Safety and Administration at Sea Academy (ENSAM), and the Grand Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire (GPM). Contributions will be accessible digitally. A book, published in English, will extend this international conference; each contribution will have to be written preferably in English or French.

A junior conference will be organised on Monday 3 October 2016, in parallel to the two round tables of the international conference. This conference will be free of registration fees; the participants to the junior conference will not pay for catering. The participants’ communications will be published. Some of them will have the opportunity to quickly present their work during the plenary session on Tuesday 4 October.

The two-page communications proposals will have to be accompanied by a list of the author’s recent publications related to the conference themes. They have to be sent by 20 December 2015 to the following address: humansea@univ-nantes.fr

The responses of the scientific committee will be published at the end of January 2016 at the latest (maximum 30,000 characters, excluding spaces). You will be able to supplement them before the end of October 2016. The book’s publishing is scheduled for spring 2017.

Scientific committee :

  • Patrick Chaumette, lecturer at Nantes university
  • Capt. Raphaël Baumler, Ph.D. WMU, Malmö, Sweden
  •  Laurent Galy, lecturer at ENSAM, facilitator at MARISK  international conferences
  • Dr. Jonathan Ruillé, doctor in management at Nantes university, LEMNA, Postdoc. Human Sea
  • Dr. Awa Sam-Lefebvre, lecturer at ENSM, CDMO
  • Franck Schoeffs, lecturer at Unit of Training and Research, Nantes university
  • Yann Vachias, head of ENSM’s Nantes campus.

Programme funded by the 7th Programme-Research and Development Framework
Convention ERC-2013-AdG-340770