Marisk 2012


Nantes, 26-27 January 2012

On 26th and 27th January 2012, Nantes will welcome the 4th edition of the International Forum on the prevention of maritime and port risks, christened Marisk. Having been created by the ENSM and the GPMNSN, this scientific event, specialized in the security sector, will, for the first time, open its doors to safety.


As soon as the ISPS code was implemented in July 2004, it created an international cooperation system between governments, shipping and the port industry, so as to avoid incidents linked to the security of ships and port facilities. The ENSM and the GPMNSN have organised in Nantes since 2005, a scientific and international colloquium which has already gathered over 1,000 participants.

Marisk offers, on one hand, plenary conferences and roundtable discussions on the sets of themes of security and safety, and on the other hand a showcase for the industrial products, the methods and the systems relative to them.


This edition which is entitled « Security and safety: a marriage of convenience? » is turned towards a research on the complementarity between the two sets of themes which have the same objectives: caring for the human beings, the facilities and the goods. The discussions will be organised around three main lines: the battle against maritime crime, the definition and management of risks and the ship of the future. The experts will thus discuss themes such as the first lessons that the catastrophe of the Deep Water Horizon rig taught us, energy flows and maritime Islamic terrorism, the cooperation concerning the battle against maritime crime, the management of the technical risk within the maritime world, the port accreditation and the European appraisal of the security and port facilities audits. The debates will also deal with safety linked to gigantism and the impact of shipping on the environment.


A junior conference will be organised, based on the work of 10 young PhD students selected by the scientific commitee. A merit prize will be attributed to the best contribution. Thanks to the success of the previous editions, this biennal event, deeply rooted in Nantes, is becoming the European reference on the safety issue. Around 400 participants representing over 20 countries are expected. Marisk will also offer meetings and business appointments with ten or so exhibitors. This scientific forum will be an opportunity for high quality exchanges led by well-known international experts among which,Philippe Boisson, lawyer and French expert on the law of maritime safety, Christian Dupont, assistant manager to the General Directorate of energy and transport at the European Commission, Erik Rosaeg, doctor of laws at Oslo University and Frederic J. Van Wijnen, general secretary at the European Association of ship captains