Les Colloques

Facteur humain et sécurité maritime


Seminar, as part of the day of “des Grandes Ecoles de la Mer”

Seminar organized January 26 and 27, 2011 by the National Maritime College of France (ENSM)Naval Academy and the French Federation of Maritime Pilots, in the amphitheater of the Higher Institute of Logistics Studies Havre. (ISEL)

First day :

  • Opening by Jean-Yves Besselat, MP for the Seine Maritime.
  • Guillaume De Boynes. corporal maritime risks at Groupama “Human error and accident”
  • Jean-Pierre Clostermann. Professor ENSM “The concepts of discipline human factors: operational reliability team”
  • Claude Valot. Until late 2010 was a member of the IRBA Biomedical Research Institute of the Army. Consultant at Daedalus. “Building confidence upstream. The concept of reliability”
  • Pr. Jean-Claude Granry. Simulation Centre at the University Hospital of Angers “Building confidence through practical simulation”
  • Frédéric Stoschek. EDF. Human Performance Project “6 reliability practices in the activities of nuclear power plants”
  • Eric Berger. Total group “Building confidence in ship-port interface”

Second day :

  • Pierre Kerhervé. Former chief test driver Dassault Aviation “The human factor in the design of man-machine interface”
  • John Davis. Marketing Director of Kelvin Hughes ”Design a support to navigators “
  • Gilles Coppin. Telecom Bretagne “Cooperation men-machine and decision support”
  • Christine Chauvin. Academic at the University of South Brittany “Man, the central element of the reliability of complex systems”
  • Eric Petiot. Commander Airbus flight 320 Air France “The feedback and the just culture”
  • Xavier Gariel. Ship captain. Chief ALFAN Training Division, responsible for the particular area of expertise “navigation safety,” “The Return of experience in naval forces”
  • Patrick Duquenoÿ. Pilot Major of the pilot station of the Seine “The feedback in a pilot station”
  • Philippe Fauquet-Alekhine. EDF “Ultra-safe and feedback: the case of French nuclear power plants”