Marin en 2015 – Journées maritimes du Havre


In 2014, the Maritime Days of Le Havre were created by Le Havre’s Propeller Club in partnership with the Seamen’s club, the National Shipping Federation of the Maritime Merit and of the Seamen Medal of Honour, the French Institute of the sea, and the National Lifeboat Society. Their aim is to contribute to the reinforcement of the maritime awareness in Le Havre, by getting involved in the world of seamen.

In 2015, with the collaboration of the ENSM, this second edition, which will take place over three days, from 15 to 17 October, will reflect on the place of the merchant seaman in the maritime city of the 21st century.

Globalisation is accompanied by the increase of commercial trade. Within the last forty years, the estimated figure of the exchanges by sea has more than threefold, going from 2.5 billion tonnes in 1970 to 8.4 billion tonnes in 2010 (ADF source). 90% of the international trade in volume is done by sea, including maritime ports.
Two worlds meet daily: 460,000 officers and 720,000 crew members serve on a global fleet estimated at 49,500 vessels which call at maritime ports. Some of these ports are located rather far from the cities while others are real port cities commonly named port-city.
For these seafarers who, for some of them, spend just a few hours during a call, and for others who decide to settle and work there, are these port cities seen as a land of welcome? Are these seafarers an economic asset for these cities? Can they contribute to their development?



The talks will be led by Michel Neumeister, journalist for the journal de la Marine Marchande.

Speakers :

  • Hubert Ardillon, President of the European Shipmasters Associations
  • Alain Coantanhay, Director of Louis Dreyfus Armateur’s fleet and representative of Armateur de France
  • Pascal Boulanger, CLC, Senior Manager – Operations- Armateur Conti Lines
  • David Buhe, Assistant of the representative to the Sea and the Coast Seine-Maritime and Eure
  • Nicolas Cochard, Historian
  • Valérie Conan, President of Le Havre’s Propeller Club
  • Natalie Castetz, Journalist
  • Ronan Dolain, President of the Seamen’s club
  • Antoine Frémont, PhD in Geography
  • Jean-Baptise Gastinne, Vice-President of Le Havre Urban Community
  • Joël Jouault, National Secretary of Maritime Federal Union
  • Olivier Lemaire, Managing Director of the International Association Cities and Ports
  • Patrick Le Cerf, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Le Havre
  • Arnaud Le Marchand, Lecturer, Le Havre University
  • Armel Le Strat, President of the association “La Touline”
  • Jean-Louis Le Yondre, President of the Le Havre freight-forwarders Union and the Council for the development of the Port of Le Havre
  • Mathieu Mabille, Maritime Pilot Le Havre-Fécamp
  • François Marendet, ENSM’s Managing Director
  • Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan, President of the French Maritime Cluster
  • Bruno Outil, Managing Director of the Maritime Industrial Company
  • Edouard Philippe, Le Havre’s mayor and President of the Urban Community


Programme :

8.15 :

  • Participants registration

9.00 :

  • Colloquium opening by Valérie Conan
  • Welcoming speech by François Marendet

Metropolises in front of maritime stakes :

  • “The maritime issues of the 21st century, the place of the French maritime cities” by Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan
  • “The maritime culture in the port cities” by Olivier Lemaire

 The merchant navy : carrier of globalisation :

  • “The evolution of global economy and maritime transport” by Antoine Frémont
  • “The evolution of the French maritime fleet under the influence of globalisation” by Alain Coantanhay

10.30 :

  • Coffee break

The merchant seaman, the port city: their life onboard, their life ashore :

  • “The merchant vessels’ crews” by Alain Coantanhay
  • “The evolution of the number of European seamen, where do they sail nowadays?”by Pascal Boulanger
  • (Round Table) Impression of the shore, when we’re working at sea, when the time for retraining has come
  • Witnesses: Hubert Ardillon, Ronan Dolain, Armel Le Strat, Mathieu Mabille, Joël Jouault, David Buhe

12.45 :

  • Lunch for the registered participants

2.00 :

The seafarer in the city :

  • “Le Havre’s maritime peoples”by Nicolas Cochard (video)
  • “The Influence of the maritime sector and the seafarers on Le Havre’s economy in the last decades”by Arnaud Le Marchand
  • (Round Table) Can the 21st century port city do without seamen ?
  • Witnesses : Jean-Baptiste Gastienne, Patrick Le Cerf, Olivier Lemaire,Natalie Castetz, Jean-Louis Le Yondre, Bruno Outil
  • Summary by Michel Neumeister
  • Closing speech by Edouard Phillipe

4.30 :

  • End of the colloquium



  • Corinne Belet, Reading (17mn) of an extract of “le rayon vert” by Olivier Bass
    Friday – 6pm / Saturday – 11.30am and 6pm
  • Jean Guy Coulanges, Immersion in the soundscape of the port of Le Havre (55 mn)
    Friday – 2.30pm / Saturday – 4.30pm
    At the end of these two presentations, showing of the video “sailors spirit”(18 mn)
  • Roger Legrand, Photo exhibition « Portraits of sailors »
  • Jean François Pahun, Documentary writing with the showing of the film “Pilote Le Havre” (52 mn)
    Friday – 2.30pm / Saturday – 4.30pm
  • Noémi Pujol, round drawn portraits of world sailors
    present Friday and Saturday at 4pm
  • Cécile Raynal, and her sculptures « hommes d’équipage”

These artists fascinated by sailors, by Le Havre’s maritime place, will be there in order to share with the public. Come and meet them to talk about their work.


By car :
By A13 or A29, follow A131 direction Le Havre Centre. Enter Le Havre by Boulevard de Leningrad then Boulevard Winston Churchill.
Go straight on Quai Colbert, Chaussée du 24ème Territorial, then at first traffic light, turn left Avenue Vauban then cross Bridge Vauban up to the roundabout.
Take quai Frissard.

By train :
Line Paris (Gare Saint-Lazare) – Rouen – Le Havre
From Le Havre’s station to ENSM – 800m walk