Overseas Departments and Territories

Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy

For the first class officer of the merchant navy-Engineer level course, the exams are of a scientific final year level. The studies programme lasts 5.5 years. The first three years are done on the Marseille campus. For the course machine officer of the watch (OCQM)/chief engineer 8000kW, the programme lasts three years on the Saint-Malo campus.
The competitive exams take place on May on the different campuses and in the overseas territories and departments.
Registration for the academic year will be open on this website, from January until 30 March.

For the course International Deck Officer of the Watch (OCQPI) the recruitment is done on the basis of applications.
The ENSM offers to the candidates who feel they are not up to standards, a preparatory class to the OCQPI course.
ENSM’s students are eligible for grants.

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