Revalidation – Brevet de Chef Mécanicien & Second Mécanicien (≥ 3 000 kW)

(Stage et test)


Officer holder of a chief engineer or second engineer certificate (≥ 3 000 kW) which doesn’t comply with the required conditions of a sea service (or equivalent) to keep the prerogatives needed for the certificate.


Be the holder of a chief engineer or second engineer certificate.


To show the upholding of the professional competence and thus obtain the revalidation of the certificate.


32 hours over 4.5 days (course + tests)

Number of trainees

Minimum 4 / Maximum 8


Decree dated 24 July 2013 related to the revalidation of professional maritime training certificates
– STCW-Section A-III/1


Conform to appendix 7 of the decree’s annex dated 24 July 2013,
Programme for revalidation tests and courses for chief engineer and second engineer onboard vessels which propulsion system has a propulsion output equal or over 3000 kW.

Refresher course and updating of knowledge related to competences :
– Machine – 4 hours.
– English – 4 hours, test included (half an hour).
– Machine simulator – 12 hours.
– Electronics/electrotechnology/automatics – 4 hours
– Safety/stability – 4 hours, test included (half an hour).
– Test machine/EEA/machine simulator – 4 hours


Saint Malo, Marseille, Nantes and Le Havre


ENSM teachers

End of course assessment


Accreditation leading to the delivery of an STCW certificate


Certification/attestation rate

The certification / attestation rate for this training is 100%

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