Refresher Course – Proficiency in Survival Craft


Refresher – Proficiency in Survival Craft CERTIFICATE


Persons holding a Certificate of proficiency in survival craft (PSC) which has reached the 5-year expiry date.

Required Background

– A valid PSC certificate or an attendance statement to the refresher course entitled « Personal survival techniques PST» less than 12 months old.
– Documentation showing training was received on board, less than five years old
– A medical certificate from the seafarers’ doctor showing Fit for work, less than 12 months old.


Establish that skills and competences are still efficient, in accordance with the decree dated 24 July 2013 related to the reaccreditation of professional maritime training certificates and STCW convention Manilla Amendments 24 June 2010.


Minimum 9 /maximum 10


8 hours over a day, including 2 hours of class teaching and 6 hours of practice.


Decree 24 July 2013 related to the reaccreditation of professional maritime training certificates.
STCW Convention section A-VI/2 table A-VI/2.2


Class teaching (2 hours)
Refresher course and updating knowledge, understanding and skills, with regards to:
– Recent amendments to regulations
– Recent changes in technology
– LSA accident review

Practical training (6 hours)
Refresher course for the competence and knowledge required for those in charge of lifeboat or liferaft or rescue boat, during and after launching. It consists in, for example:
– Preparation and safe launch of life boats and life raft
– Using launching devices, whether loaded or not


CESAME in Saint-Malo

Teaching staff

ENSM professors

End of course assessment


Statement leading to the issuance of an STCW certificate


Certification/statement issuance rate

The certification / attestation rate for this training is 100%

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