Les colloques

La formation des marins… au gré des marées


Colloquium on the history of the maritime education

Study days on 28-29 October 2011, in Le Havre, on the history of maritime sciences and their teaching from 15th to the beginning of 20th century..

Within the framework of the collaboration between the ENSM, the French Institute of the Sea, Le Havre University and the François Viète Centre of Nantes University, these study days wish to wonder on the teaching of maritime sciences from a diachronic angle from 15th to 20th century.

While the public service of maritime education in France is currently undergoing massive changes, especially with the recent creation of the ENSM, remote heir to the Hydrography schools, it is interesting to remind ourselves of the important steps of its slow development and to put forward the structuring choices which were made in the course of the different centuries, by sharing this historical knowledge with the public and the actual players of the maritime world and port services.

With a link to the colloquium « Entre ciel et mer » that took place in Nantes in 2010, the following themes will be presented :

  • the reasons why these schools were created.
  • the influences they were under.
  • the needs they met.

In the course of these days, the public will be introduced to the use and the comparison of several nautical instruments (Quartier de Davis, Arbalète (bâton de Jacob), Astrolab, Sextant…).

Former students from Hydro Le Havre will be invited to share their experience (school and professional path) and will bring books, manuals, photos, charts, nautical instruments, contemporary posters… which will be exhibited. The proceedings will be published in the « Revue maritime de l’Institut français de la mer ».

A few examples of communications :

  • old cartographers.
  • astronomy and observatories to the mariners service.
  • the scientific training of seafarers : navy (Collège royal), Merchant navy ( hydrography and merchant schools especially Le Havre and Dieppe), maritime vocational training (fishing).
  • the political, economy and social needs and maritime education structures.
  • the Merchant Navy training ships.