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Présentation du projet

The ANTARCTICA project aims to improve energy efficiency on board ships by using solutions to convert fatal heat into positive or negative cooling by partially replacing existing chillers.

EQUIUM uses a thermo-acoustic process to convert heat into cold without moving parts, power consumption or greenhouse gases: it is the energy of sound that does the conversion work. “Thus, with 100 kilowatts of heat at 350°C, we can produce 25 kilowatts of acoustic waves and 50 kilowatts of cold at 5°C,” explains Cédric François (CEO EQUIUM), who perceives possible uses […] on board boats…” Our subject is mainly the “off grid”,” says Cédric François[i]

Duration of the project : october 2019 to march 2020



Rôle de l’ENSM

The role of The French Maritime Academy in the overall organization of the project:

The French Maritime Academy studies the technical and economic feasibility of the project. It is also interested in the regulatory aspects inherent to the implementation on board of this innovative technology.






Project Leader: Jonas Thiaucourt

Team : Etienne Delaire

Awa Sam

Jérôme Gaboriau

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